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DO Olive Oil Montes de Toledo

The extra-virgen DO olive oil from Montes de Toledo is obtained from the Cornicabra olive, extracted at low temperatures and via mechanical means so as not to alter the characteristics of the oil, allowing it to maintain its aroma and flavor.


Geographic area:
The interior of the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha, comprised of 103 towns, 81 of which are located in the southwest of the province of Toledo. The other 22 lie to the northwest of Ciudad Real.


Its color varies according to when the olives are harvested, and ranges from golden yellow to intense green. These oils have high oleic acid content and low levels of linoleic acid. Their high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants lend it strong resistence to oxidative degradation, making it more stable than other oils – a quality that is greatly valued. Its acidity is below 0.5% with a peroxide value of less than 15.


The Cornicabra variety of olive grows more slowly than other olives and they’re cultivated on more traditional plantations. Though they don’t produce as much oil as on intensive-farming plantations, they take more time to process the oil properly. Gastronomically speaking, these olive oils are ideal for use raw (rather than in cooking).

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