Tudela - Saborea España

Tudela, city of the three cultures, land of illustrious people, which is well-known for its excellent vegetables. This city counts with a wide range of tourist and gastronomic offers.


This is a land of passage, where romans, jews and arabs have left their mark in the architecture, culture and of course, in its gastronomy; special climate conditions, as well as the waters from the majestuous river Ebro, which bathes the lands of the Mejana, have favoured the development of the differential gastronomy based on excellent raw material. 


The quality of vegetables from Navarre, and in particular from the fertile,  irrigated area of Tudela is close to vegetal perfection. They are highly appreciated by markets, both fresh and canned, as well as by national expert cooks since many years ago. The fame reached by the artichokes and the Tudela lettuce hearts, the asparagus from Navarre, all of them with official quality certification, has been extended to “Tudela’s vegetables”, as a product in its entirety.


The prestige of the vegetable production has transcended to gastronomy, generating in the last years the visit of tourists attracted by the “good cooking”, which is based on the local product and traditional cooking linked to vegetables. This is the perfect complement to this tourist offer destination.


In this context, municipal institutions and different citizens’ associations have been promoting and spreading the local product and the culinary culture associated with Tudela and other villages in the region over the last years in the form of events related to specific products. These events are more and more successful by increasing participants and visitors each year.


Tudela, apart from being the undeniable place of origin of the vegetables in the world, offers a very varied gastronomic proposal of dishes elaborated with vegetables. The chicory, red cardoon or curly endive salads are very tasty. As starters, we would highlight the vegetable stew elaborated with artichokes, asparagus, baby beans and peas; or the delicious haricot beans with eel in the summer. Moreover, good dishes with any of the meats from Navarre, like lamb or beef are very good, too, as well as the snails with pepper. To finish, let’s do not forget the centenary iced buns or the blancmange made with almonds. 


To our traditional cooking, we add now the Navarre nouvelle cuisine, fruit of the emerging generation of chefs, who have known how to fusion tradition with the new techniques creating innovative proposals. 




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