When we speak of gastronomy in Zaragoza, we refer to the quality of the typical products of the region, the great variety of eating establishments, the expertise of its professionals and the tapas culture.


Zaragoza, a city where one of the great pleasures is eating well.


Zaragoza is a crossroads of cultures and flavours. Capital of an autonomous community with a strong farming and livestock tradition, where you can enjoy such iconic products as borage (‘queen of the garden‘), cod, ternasco (lamb), vegetables, seasonal mushrooms and truffles, all washed down with wines from four DO (designations of origin) and six local wine-growing areas.


Traditional and avant-garde, Zaragoza’s cuisine is a reflection of itself and its people.


Saborea Zaragoza proposes the following three culinary trails:


  1. Chilindrón Route
  2. Zaragoza through Tapas
  3. Vegetable Garden Route
  4. The Ternasco de Aragón route


With the Chilindrón Route, we introduce you to one of the oldest sauces in Zaragozano cuisine, which can be served with meat or fish dishes: Aragón ternasco (lamb), which has a protected geographical indication, free-range chicken, cod, and more.


The Zaragoza Through Tapas will take you around the city to sample this miniature cuisine, with its different flavours and textures. In addition to discovering our culinary heritage, you can enjoy the wide variety of cultural, historic and leisure offerings in Zaragoza. 


On the Vegetable Garden Route, you will discover all the flavours of the vegetables of Zaragoza and its surrounding area. Along the banks of the rivers Ebro, Gallego, Huerva and the Zaragoza Imperial Canal grow unique products noted for their quality, such as borage, Zaragoza tomatoes, onions from Fuentes de Ebro with a PDO (protected designation of origin), artichokes, cardoons, lettuce hearts and curly endive.


On the Ternasco de Aragón Route, you will get to know the suckling Lamb and be captivated by its exceptionally high-quality meat, whose name comes from its own tenderness and conveys the aromas of the Aragonese lands, thanks to its natural ageing.


The Ternasco de Aragón, the first fresh Spanish meat to have its own Specific Designation, has, since 1996, borne the Protected Geographical Indication seal.


There are many lambs, but there is only one Ternasco, and it is bred in Aragon!

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