Gastronomic routes in Pamplona - Saborea España

Pamplona offers visitors the flavour of yesteryear. Indeed, this land has managed to preserve a number of traditional recipes nourished by all the products provided by the varied landscape of Navarre. Every meal is like a social event. But, on the other hand, Pamplona’s gastronomy has evolved and renewed itself to become an unmissable reference point for good gourmets who don’t want to miss the creations of the best Spanish chefs.


Come and taste the excellent vegetables of the Ribera such as: cardoons, artichokes, white beans, asparagus or Piquillo peppers. Don’t miss the foie gras, mushrooms and flavoured meats with an unbeatable complement, or the red, rosé and white wines with DO Navarra and Rioja. And, of course, the desserts, as well as all the cheese, curd, canutillos (a kind of puff pastry cone) and leche frita (a type of custard) that are waiting for you. And, to finish it all off, enjoy the typical and digestive Patxaran liqueur.


The culture of tapas and pintxos that can be found mostly in the streets of the old town is a must for all those who visit it.


Pamplona is an elegant city situated on a plateau in the mountains of Navarre. The best land I have ever seen”. Ernest Hemingway, 1924.

Routes of Pamplona