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These days there are two realities in Spanish cuisine: traditional cooking and what’s known as new Spanish cuisine which uses innovative techniques developed by internationally renowned chefs like Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana and Ferrán Adriá. Their creativity has put Spain in the vanguard of international cooking.

But if there’s anything these great chefs agree on it’s the quality of the ingredients in Spanish cooking. Across the country we have a wide variety of products that form the basis of both traditional andt cutting edge recipes. Fresh produce from our unbeatable farms, fish and seafood from our coastal waters, meat from the best ranches. We also have award-winning products such as our wines (with more than 70 Designations of Origin), our cheeses (with more then 200 varieties), our marvelous olive oils, marinated products, preserves and, of course, our Iberian sausages and ham, the symbol of our cuisine.

Enjoy the offerings that have become the envy of kitchens around the world. Discover, visitng for yourself, the origins of the key products that form the foundations of a delicious and healthy diet.

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