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DO Olive Oil from Campo de Calatrava

The DO olive oil from Campo de Calatrava is extra-virgen and made from a variety of olives, principally the Cornicabra which makes up about 80% of its content. The second type of olive is the Picual. The oil is extracted using mechanical presses and other physical techniques that do not alter the product while conserving its aroma, flavor and other characeristics.


Geographic area:
The county of Campo de Calatrava is located in the province of Ciudad Real, within the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha. The location includes the towns of Aldea del Rey, Almagro, Argamasilla de Calatrava, Ballesteros de Calatrava, Bolaños de Calatrava, Calzada de Calatrava, Cañada de Calatrava, Pozuelo de Calatrava, Torrala de Calatrava, Villanueva de San Carlos y Villar del Pozo.


The flavor is intense with bitter, spicy notes whose intensity value ranges from 3 to 6.


Its color varies from intense green to green-yellow. It has a high level of oleic acid, with a minimum level of 70%.



The combination of Cornicabra and Picual olives is due to the location of the Campo de Calatrava region, halfway between the olive groves in the north of Ciudad Real, where the former is predominant, and those in Jaén, where the latter is abundant. All olives used for the production of oil with the Campo de Calatrava designation of origin must be harvested in the air and not from the ground, which is why it is compulsory to separate them during harvesting.

Extra virgin olive oil made from at least 80% of the Cornicabra olive varieties, complemented by the second recognised variety, Picual, both of which always appear in Campo de Calatrava oils. It is obtained by mechanical or other physical means that do not alter the product and preserve its aroma, flavour and characteristics.

The Association for the Promotion of Olive Oil del Campo de Calatrava was constituted in November 2005. Two years later, the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha issued its favourable decision for the registration of the PDO Olive Oil of Campo de Calatrava and product certification.
The olive groves of Campo de Calatrava share the municipalities of 16 towns in the region. They are spread over an area of 22,073 hectares and their average annual production amounts to 5,210 tonnes of olive oil.


Aceites Olivar del Valle
C/ Jardineros nº 4
Bolaños de Calatrava 
Ciudad Real
T. 926 87 16 11
Almazara Ecológica Pago Piedrabuena
Camino de Molinos s/n
13432 Ballesteros de Calatrava
Ciudad Real
T. 610 521 882
Coop. Ntra. Sra. de las Nieves
Ctra. Valenzuela, Km. 0.5
13270 Almagro 
Ciudad Real
T. 926 860 344
Coop. Ntra. Sra. del Socorro
Ctra. Aldea del Rey s/n
13440 Argamasilla de Calatrava 
Ciudad Real
T. 926 477 076
Coop. Oleovinicola Campo de Calatrava
Ctra. de Torralba, 1
13260 Bolaños de Calatrava 
Ciudad Real
T. 926 870 098
Coop. Santiago Apostol
C/ San Blas, 2
13350 Moral de Calatrava
Ciudad Real
T. 926 330 025
Coop. Santo Cristo
C/ Almagro, 3
13360 Granatula de Calatrava
Ciudad Real
T. 926 868 174
La Almazara Ecológica S.L.
Pol. Ind. La Vega
Torralba de Calatrava 
Ciudad Real
T. 926 252 829
Olivapalacios S.L.
Ctra Bolaños a Daimiel, pk 9,5
28010 Bolaños de calatrava
Ciudad Real
T. 629893276

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