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Gastronomic Destinations

Tasting Spain takes you up close and behind the scenes to introduce you to Spain’s unmatched cuisine. Discover the country’s regional flavors, brought to you by its most international chefs. It’s a journey that will leave a wonderful taste in your mouth; it’s a unique way to get to know Spain and you’ll enjoy each adventure to the fullest. Get to know our gastronomic map from north to south, from east to west, sampling the best of our cuisine. We believe the best way to understand a place is by tasting its local dishes and delicacies, from the hands of its most famous cooks to the neighborhood kitchens in countless eateries producing our most traditional meals. Tasting Spain invites you to come along and get to intimately know each of our destinations, their most authentic products, their essential recipes and their yearly culinary celebrations. If you’re a connoisseur of fine dining, we guarantee you’ll bring home tastes to last a lifetime from this journey.

From the ocean to the Mediterranean Sea; from Cambrils to Valencia by way of Vinarós you’ll discover welcoming landscapes inviting you to slow down by the sea’s edge and enjoy the flavors of each dish. You’ll appreciate the high quality of local ingredients as the surroundings and flavors all blend together. In the very heart of Spain three locations await you with their elaborate recipes rich in tradition: Badajoz, Ciudad Real and Segovia. Then there’s Madrid, a city nourished by its own dishes and by customs adopted from other regions. To accompany these meals there’s nothing like the wines produced in Logroño, La Palma and Valladolid. These are extraordinary regions for vintners and are recognized world-wide for their “Designation of Origin” (Denominación de Origen) : Ribera del Duero and Rioja. But you won’t want to miss out on our up and coming producers: Tudela, Pamplona, Oviedo and Leon, destinations whose products and traditions make them an indispensible part of our counry’s gastronomic palate.