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The Vinaròs prawn

The Vinaròs prawn is the gastronomic product that you simply have to try when you visit Vinaròs. Since 1963, it has been the town’s emblem as far as tourism is concerned and the main tourist attraction, together with the 25 beaches and coves.


This is an elegant prawn with an exquisite flavour – unparalleled because the Vinaròs prawn is unique – and surprising due to the number of sensations aroused when you taste it. The Vinaròs prawn is an undeniably high-quality product, fully established in Spanish haute cuisine.


A good way of recognising it is by the colours on its tail when fresh. If we look hard, we can see that it has the colours of the old Republican flag (red, yellow, purple). You can try it in many restaurants and markets all over Spain but we recommend you visit Vinaròs and try it here in one of our magnificent restaurants or, alternatively, in the superb municipal market. Other opportunities to try it are the King Prawn Cookery Conference (May), the King Prawn Festival (August) or the National King Prawn Cookery Competition.


On the other hand, thanks to fishing tourism, it is possible to go out to work on a traditional fishing boat any time of the year and get to know the process with which this well-known crustacean is caught.