Cocs - Saborea España


Cocs are one of the most surprising traditional products in Vinaròs. Known in other parts of the Valencian Community as coques or cocas, here we can find them in traditional bakeries in many different forms: with tuna and tomato, with sardines or with artichokes are just some of the options if you fancy a savoury snack, but if you prefer something sweet, you can’t leave without trying the cocs de la poma de lagredolç (made with small sweet and sour apples which are very typical in this part of the Mediterranean).


Cocs came about as a derivative from bread production. They are made from dough which has been rekneaded with a little oil and many are seasonal. However, the most common, such as the one with tuna and tomato, can be found all year round.


Thanks to the route Vinaròs al Forn (, it is possible to visit the town’s traditional bakeries and get to know this speciality as well as other traditional recipes.