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IGP Lamb from La Mancha

This lamb must be fed in stable with its mother’s mik complemented by what straw and concentrates authorized by government regulators. The minimum period of breastfeeding is 30 days. Upon weaning its diet consists of white hay and concentrates as needed authorized by the Regulatory Council. Under no circumstances can they receive growth stimulators. These protected animals weigh between 10 and 14 kilograms, with an elongated profile and gently rounded contours of harmonious proportions, and somewhat fatty loins. They’re covered in a thin layer of fat that leaves the underlying muscle somewhat visible even as the fat thickens toward the hind quarters, the tail, the spine and kidney sections, with the muscles of the back and legs exposed along with the trapezius muscle. The fat is white and creamy on the surface and in the cavities, with a hard consistency. It should not entirely cover the kidneys. The meat is a pale pink, of great tenderness and juiciness, with a hint of intramuscular infiltrations of fat, giving it a characteristically agreeable bouquet.


Geographic Area

The Manchego Lamb is raised in the following counties:

1.Albacete: Mancha, Manchuela, Centro y Almansa

2. Ciudad Real: Mancha, Campo de Calatrava y Campo de Montiel.

3. Cuenca: Manchuela, Mancha Baja y Mancha Alta.

4. Toledo: La Mancha.

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