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DO Olive Oil from Campo de Montiel

The Campo de Montiel Olive Oil is extra-virgen and elaborated mainly from the Cornicabra and Picual olives, followed by the Manzanilla, Arbequina and local varieties. It’s produced via mechanical means in order maintain its natural character.

Geographic area:
The Designation of Origin is formed by the agricultural counties of Mancha, Pastos and Campo de Montiel, all located in the province of Ciudad Real in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha. It consists of twenty-six towns: San Carlos del Valle, Membrilla, ,Santa Cruz de Mudela, La Solana, Valdepeñas, Almuradiel, Viso del Marqués, San Lorenzo de Calatrava, Albadalejo, Alcubillas, Alhmabra, Almedina, Carrizosa, Castellas de Santiago, Cózar, Fuenllana, Montiel, Puebla del Príncipe, Santa Cruz de los Cáñamos, Terrinches, Torre de Juan Abad, Torrenueva, Villahermosa, Villamanrique, Villanueva de la Fuente and Villanueva de los Infantes.

The mix of Cornicabra and Picual olives gives this oil a bitterness ranging from 3 to 6, and its spicy tones a value betwee 3.4 and 6.3. The other olives confer nuances of apple and almond.

It has a high percentage of oleic acid and antioxidant polyphenols which make the oil stable and prevent deterioration. Its acidity does not acceed 0,5º and its peroxide index is below 15.

The trees from which the olives are harvested to produce the Campo de Montiel oil are, on average, between 40 and 60 years old.

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