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Borage, cockles and potatoes

Clean the borage with a paring knife, removing the fine hairs without breaking the fibres. Clean it well under the tap and place it in a saucepan with enough water to cover it. Remove from heat when it is boiling, leave to cool for a while and let it boil once again, leave to boil for 3 minutes and then turn off heat, cover and leave the borage to stand for another 3 minutes.


For the foam
Peel, cut and put the potatoes to boil with water and salt.
Once cooked, drain and keep the water.
Put the cooked potatoes and cooking water in a Thermomix at 60 ºC. Mix, gradually adding the cream. Follow the same process with the oil until there is a fine, uniform emulsion. Add salt to taste.
Strain and fill the siphon using a funnel.
Load the siphon and keep in a bain marie at about 70 ºC.


Vacuum seal with a spoonful of water, put a pan-full of water to boil and add the bag of tinned cockles and cook for 3 minutes. Place them quickly in an inverted bain marie. Remove the cockles and recover the joice. Finally, sieve, thicken with xanthan gum and add the liquid.

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  • Borage

For the foam
  • 360 g of potatoes for purée
  • 80 g of water for cooking the potatoes
  • 115 g liquid cream 35% m.g.
  • 25 g of virgin olive oil
  • Salt

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