Trying to summarise in a very short list a selection of Seville’s classic cuisine establishments is an impossible mission. We suggest here a list of bars and restaurants that are representative of our tradition, for their cuisine, their decoration or their atmosphere… but we encourage you to explore for yourself and let yourself be advised by the Sevillians themselves, who will surely know how to guide you depending on the area of the city where you are. 

A good way to make a classic route would be to visit the oldest establishments, as some of the oldest in Spain are from Seville. In addition to several of the ones we suggest in this route, you should add: Las Escobas (C/ Álvarez Quintero, 62), according to its owners, wine was already being sold there in 1386, Bodega Díaz Salazar (1908), Bodeguita La Aurora (1913) and Casa Mateo (1918).

If you would like to know more about the history of restaurants in Seville, we recommend that you take a look at the studies of Isabel González Turmo, which are available for reading on the Internet.


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Points of interest:

Bodeguita Romero

  • Address: Calle Harinas, 10. 41001 Sevilla
  • Opening hours:Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 h to 17:00 h and from 20:00 h to 24:00 h.
  • GPS: 37.387084, -5.995666
  • Phone: +34 954 229 556
  • Email:
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:   
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Description: More than 70 years offering a menu of high quality tapas typical of our city. Good raw materials and know-how in the kitchen.
  • Resident’s tip: Be sure to try their montadito de pringá, it is famous in Seville. Also highly recommended are the Iberian pork cheeks, the papas aliñás (boiled potatoes with garlic mayonnaise) and the meatballs.
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La Flor de Toranzo

  • Address: Calle Jimios 1. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 h to 16:00 h.
  • GPS: 37.392569, -5.994862
  • Phone: +34 954 229 315
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:    
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Known as Casa Trifón, it is a typical meeting point for Sevillians who live, work or stroll around the area. Numerous well-known faces have also passed through the establishment. It does not have a kitchen, but its offer of cold meats, tinned meats and montaditos is outstanding. Classic Sevillian décor.
  • Resident’s tip: Great place to have your first beer. Do you dare to try their anchovy montadito with condensed milk? It may seem strange but it is a hit because of its exquisite flavour. Don’t miss the loin of pork with apple either.
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Bodega Morales

  • Address: Calle García de Vinuesa, 11. Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 24:00. Sundays open at midday from October to May.
  • GPS: 37.386526, -5.994590
  • Phone: +34 954 221 242
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: One of the oldest bodegas in Seville, dating back to 1850, always run by the same family. To enter this temple of our cuisine is to encounter the typology of the classics. Very popular, its bar and tables among enormous wine jars are a classic tapas bar. Let yourself be carried away by the waiters and enjoy the atmosphere that has not changed over the years.
  • Resident’s tip: Visit it at vermouth time and accompany this drink with one of its classics: a montadito de pringá, a tapa of chicharrones, one of its specialities: cod with salmorejo, tuna… a good dish of Iberian ham or one of the traditional Sevillian stews.

Las Teresas

  • Address: Calle Santa Teresa, 2. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: De lunes a domingo de 10:00 h a 1:00 h.
  • GPS: 37.385968, -5.989334
  • Phone: +34 954 213 069
  • Email:
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:   
  • Languages: Spanish, English and French
  • Level of interest: 5
  • Description: This family-run establishment has been open since 1870 and began life as a grocer’s shop. Walls full of old photos, a beautiful marble bar and hams hanging from the ceiling, give authenticity to this place located in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood next to the Convent of Las Teresas.  
  • Resident’s tip: Order a glass of chilled manzanilla and a tapa of Iberian ham, enjoy the ham slicing mastery of their staff.

Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas

  • Address: Calle Rodrigo Caro, 1. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 08:00 h to 24:00 h.
  • GPS: 37.386017, -5.990765
  • Phone: +34 954 211 694
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Description: Located in a privileged setting, at the entrance to Seville’s most touristy neighbourhood, this establishment is a city classic, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Its menu includes many of the city’s classic recipes. Their “montaditos de pringá” and “tortillitas de Bacalao” are two of their classics.
  • Resident’s tip: Find a spot at one of the high tables in the arcades of the establishment and enjoy the views and the atmosphere, a mixture of people of all ages and from all places. This is perhaps the best thing on offer. If you are in the city in December, during the festivity of the Inmaculada, ask about the performances of the tunas of the faculties of the city, this establishment is usually the scene of their tours.

Manolo Cateca

  • Address: Calle Sta. María de Gracia, 13. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 16:30 and from 19:30-23:30. Closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.
  • GPS: 37.392521, -5.994712
  • Phone: +34 657 590 509
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Founded in 1920, it is a place of reference for tasting the wines of Huelva and the Marco de Jerez. It can be served with delicious cold meats, smoked meats and homemade stews.
  • Resident’s tip: It is a place frequented by Sevillians who work and live in the area. Let them advise you and try some of the wines from the Sierra Norte de Sevilla or some of the classics from Jerez: amontillados, olorosos, palo cortado, moscatel.
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Blanco Cerrillo

  • Address: Calle José de Velilla, 1. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Closed on Sundays.
  • GPS: 37.391359, -5.995766
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Its owner received the recognition of the city and that of the Seville Hotel and Catering Association, which awarded him the Gold Medal of the Hotel and Catering Guild in 2003. 

    This small, classic establishment is well known by all Sevillians and is easy to find for any visitor, as the smell of marinade that wafts down Calle Sierpes from its kitchens makes it easy to locate. Their boquerones en adobo (marinated anchovies), their ensaladilla and the huevas con mahonesa (roe with mayonnaise) are classics.

  • Resident’s tip: If you are shopping in the shopping streets of the centre and need a typical snack, this is a good place to do it and fulfill a ritual that all Sevillians have done.

Casa Moreno

  • Address: Calle Gamazo, 7. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Saturday from 12:00 h to 15:30 h. Sunday closed.
  • GPS: 37.387487, -5.995853
  • Phone: +34 954 228 315
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: One of the most charming establishments in the city centre. It is still a living witness to the grocery shops that opened at the beginning of the last century, which gradually added food and drink services around the bar. The infinity of products, the bullfighting and religious details and its atmosphere make it extremely attractive. Their tinned food and montaditos are classics, such as cabrales with spicy chorizo or smoked sardines with salmorejo.
  • Resident’s tip: If you’re staying in the area, go for breakfast, and make a space for yourself at the bar. There you will meet people who work in the surrounding offices. Check all the walls, you’ll find real treasures of wisdom and popular aesthetics hanging on them. And above all, let Emilio advise you and enjoy a good tostá served on brown paper.

Confitería La Campana

  • Address: Calle Sierpes, 1-3. Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: From 8:00 h to 22:00 h every day.
  • GPS: 37.392569, -5.994862
  • Phone: +34 954 223 570
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Description: Founded in 1885, its coat of arms bears the legend “proveedor de la Real Casa”. Meringues, tortas de polvorón, lenguas de almendra, yemas sevillanas, etc. are some of the most traditional pastries  in La Campana. Also very popular are seasonal items such as torrijas, roscos de reyes and panellets. Some of the city’s most classic sweets come from its bakery.
  • Resident’s tip:If you are travelling with children, we recommend you stop in the shop window before going in to try some of the specialities. Their creations in sugar or chocolate of the city’s monuments, or their caramel Nazarenes will surprise the little ones. If you go at Easter, try the torrijas and the fried fruits: pestiños and rosquitos.
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El Rinconcillo

  • Address: Calle Gerona, 40, 41003 Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: June, July and August (this year), due to the current scenario, from 13.00h to 16.30h and 20.00h to 24.00h.
  • GPS: 37.39335, -5.98829
  • Phone: +34 954 22 31 83
  • Email:
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:    Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish and English.
  • Description: In the centre of Seville is located a place with centuries of history: El Rinconcillo, the oldest bar in the city. Since 1670 and up to the present day, thousands of people have been captivated by this unique corner that still preserves the flavour of the Seville of yesteryear. 
  • Resident’s tip: Enjoying its popular and delicious tapas in this unique atmosphere is like taking a trip back in time that amazes visitors from all over the world.
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Mercado de Feria

  • Address: Calle Feria, 98. Sevilla
  • Opening hours: The food stalls are open every day except Sundays from 08:00 to 14:00. Consult the opening hours of the food stalls.
  • GPS: 37.399416, -5.991568
  • Email:
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access: Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Next to the church of Omnium Santorum, it dates back to the 18th century and is one of the oldest in the city, with tradition and a very good atmosphere. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it is very busy and is an ideal place to shop and then taste some of Seville’s specialities. They also organise parallel cultural activities. It is a great starting point to begin to enjoy the atmosphere of this area of Seville that develops around the Basilica de la Macarena.
  • Resident’s tip: Enjoy the tapas area that develops at the back of the market next to the Centro del Arte Mudéjar.

Casa Ricardo

  •  Address: Calle Hernán Cortés, 2, 41002 Sevilla
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 00:00 h. Sundays from 13:00 to 16:00 h.
  • GPS: 37.397568, -5.995894
  • Phone: +34 954 389 751 
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:    (Reservations by phone)
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: The date of foundation was in 1898, appearing in 1899 in the municipal tax lists as “Establecimiento de Abacería”. Abacería establishments were those that sold colonials, groceries, wines and liquors. In other words, they were establishments selling foodstuffs, but they could sell products that came from our American and Philippine colonies, so these products, coffee from Puerto Rico, sugar from Cuba, rum from Jamaica, etc., were called “colonials” because they came from the colonies and “ultramarines” because they came from the other side of the sea. It passed from hand to hand and in 1940, it was acquired by a young retired footballer, Ovidio Roig. From that time until today, many people still call the shop Casa Ovidio. Since 1985 it has belonged to the same family and has been called Casa Ricardo. The basis of its cuisine is the traditional Sevillian tapa. We recommend you to try their carrillada or the sirloin steak with whisky, but above all the croquettes. They are famous in Seville. Their almost liquid and mellow interior is the result of almost three hours of preparation. They are ham croquettes, except during Lent, when they change them for cod croquettes.
  • Resident’s tip: Be sure to take a look at its walls, it is decorated with numerous photographs of characters and brotherhood themes, and its atmosphere constantly evokes Holy Week, with musical backgrounds of processional marches, videos of brotherhoods and the popular blackboard on which the days remaining until the first paso of a brotherhood begins its official route to the Cathedral during Holy Week are noted throughout the year.
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Las Golondrinas

  •  Address: Calle Antillano Campos, 26. Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: Every day, except Sundays, from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 24:00.
  • GPS: 37.384825, -6.005601
  • Phone: +34 954 331 626
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Since the 70s it has been owned and run by Paco Arcas and his family. A Triana classic where you will have to make room for yourself, as it is always busy. Their mushrooms with aioli, sirloin tips, ham knights, carrilladas or their dressings are classics that you should not miss.
  • Resident’s tip: Take advantage of the establishment’s proximity to the Centro Cerámica Triana, and find out in this space why working with clay in this neighbourhood is world famous. You can also visit its more modern establishment, located at Calle Pagés del Corro, 76.
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El Donald

  • Address: Calle Canalejas, 5. Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: Every day from 12:00 to 24:00.
  • GPS: 37.390417, -5.999660
  • Phone: +34 954 227 252
  • Access:  
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Open since 1973. Its walls are an authentic tribute to bullfighting. Its proximity to the Hotel Colón, frequented by bullfighters, contributed to this. Its showcases still serve the same tapas as when it opened. Its fried fish, brazo sanluqueño, ham, stews and dressings are worth a visit, but it is especially famous for its ensaladilla.
  • Resident’s tip: Stay at the bar, you’ll be a bit more cramped, but you’ll be able to observe the work of the waiters singing the tapas and savour the atmosphere better.
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Bar Yebra

  • Address: Calle Medalla Milagrosa, 3 41009 Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to 24:00. Sunday night and Monday closed.
  • GPS: 37.401358, -5.982229
  • Phone:+34 954 351 007
  • Web: ir a la web
  • Access:   Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Description: The beginnings of Bar Yebra date back to 1959, the year in which the father of the current owners, Manolo and Javier, opened the establishment. It is one of the reference restaurants in the Macarena neighbourhood. The ajoblanco, its fish dishes, such as hake, red snapper or sea bass, or the Iberian bacon with scallops are classics that never fail. Part of classic Sevillian cuisine, but it has evolved a lot in recent years.
  • Resident’s tip: Go early or book a table, although it’s a bit out of the city centre, it’s usually very busy.
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Casa Román

  • Address: Plaza de los Venerables, 1. Sevilla.
  • Opening hours: Every day from 12:30 to 00:00 h.
  • GPS: 37.385133, -5.989731
  • Phone: +34 954 228 483
  • Email:
  • Web: go to main web
  • Access:   Accesibility
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Description: Located in the heart of Santa Cruz, next to the Convent of Los Venerables, this establishment maintains the traditional Seville aesthetics. It opened its doors in 1868. At the beginning of the last century, it operated as a grocer’s shop, although it also had a back room, in the form of a tavern, where local wine and Iberian cured meats were tasted. For many years it was a place for cultural and social gatherings in Seville. Its great speciality is Iberian ham. Its croquettes, fried eggs with ham and Iberian meats are a delight.
  • Resident’s tip: If you see that the bar is very crowded, ask for the interior lounge.
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