«El Norte de César Manrique» Route - Saborea España

«El Norte de César Manrique» Route

«El Norte de César Manrique» Route

Enjoy Lanzarote’s creativity, originality, and gastronomy in its purest form.

Malpaís, the Famara cliff, original wineries, art, nature, authentic and signature cuisine. These are the ingredients that make this route, which runs through the north of Lanzarote, a real delight. The title of the route is due to the Lanzarote artist César Manrique, because of his close ties with this area of the island. He spent his summer holidays in Caleta de Famara, specifically in the same building that is now the El Risco Restaurant, the Jameos del Agua is one of his most emblematic works, he always applauded the virtues of the Malvasia wine and the cheeses of Lanzarote, in Arrieta there is one of his characteristic Juguetes del Viento (Wind Toys) and in Haría is one of his house-museums and the village where he was buried.

Manrique, an unmistakable icon of Lanzarote, always stood out for his mastery and deep respect for the island’s environment. For César Manrique, Nature was not only the fundamental reference for his artistic creation but also for his life. He did not create in nature but with it, and his relationship with the environment was not simply aesthetic but a true and exemplary commitment to the defence of the environment.

Places to visit:

– “La Grieta” Winery

– “El Risco” Restaurant

– “Montaña de Haría” Cheese Factory

– “Jameos del Agua” Restaurant

– “El Amanecer” Restaurant

– “Seña Felisa” Cheese Factory

Points of interest:

“La Grieta” Winery

  • Address: Aulaga, 14 . Punta Mujeres – Haría
  • GPS: 29.14564, -13.44829
  • Phone: +34 928848110 / +34 616908484
  • Email:  bodegamalpais@gmail.com
  • Web: go to the web
  • Access:    
  • Language: Spanish
  • Level of interest: 5
  • Description: The Malpaís de Máguez winery, whose wine is known under the name of “La Grieta”, is a small winery on the island of Lanzarote that arose from Ricardo Socas’ passion for wine and its world.

    Its vineyards are mainly located in the north of the island, where the climate is different from the La Geria area, where most of the wineries are located, which gives them a different flavour and characteristics.

    It has only three types of wine: dry white, barrel-aged red and its surprising underwater red. It is the only winery on the island that uses part of its red wine to submerge it 200 metres under the sea so that the product can age in a new way. The aquatic environment provides the best conditions of temperature, light, and pressure for the ageing of this drink. Underwater winemakers claim that wines mature much faster on the seabed than on land. The supply of this underwater wine is very limited.

  • Resident’s tip: They were the first to harvest at night in Lanzarote. At night the cutting of the cluster favors the healing, which is healthier for the plant; also the skin of the grape, due to the cold at night, is harder and does not break when harvesting, which prevents fermentation in the boxes and thus the wine has a higher quality as it is softer and more pleasant.

El Risco Restaurant

  • Address: C/ Montaña Clara, 30 – 35558 Famara
  • Opening hours: Thursday and Friday from 13:00h to 17:00h. Friday and Saturday from 13:00h to 17:00h and from 20:00h to 22:00h.
  • GPS: 29.11821, -13.56401
  • Phone: +34 928528550
  • Email: info@restauranteelrisco.com
  • Web: go to the web
  • Access:     Accessibility
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Level of interest: 5
  • Description: It is located in the town of Famara, known for its fabulous white sandy beach with kilometres long and waters full of life and colour. It is a regular place for thousands of tourists, bathing, surfing, kite surfing and other water and wind sports. Within a Marine Reserve and at the same time a Natural Park, the Famara cliff and its coasts form part of the fundamental values of Lanzarote, a Biosphere Reserve.

    We have but one goal: the satisfaction of our customers. Faithful to our work philosophy which is the result of years of experience in this sector, we offer a selection of dishes prepared with the best products and the highest quality raw materials. What makes us different is our dedication and determination.

    The facilities of our restaurant, located by the sea, offer front line views of the Atlantic Ocean in the North of Lanzarote, La Graciosa and the islets of the North, Alegranza and Montaña Clara, which together make up the Chinijo Archipelago.

    On the restaurant’s austere and simple walls there is a painting by our beloved artist César Manrique who, back in 1986, stamped his colours and originality on a mural dedicated to the fishermen who daily climbed “the Famara cliff” in order to sell their fish. Today, after several renovations, the mural remains in all its splendour and has become the corporate image of our company.

    We make a markedly authentic Canarian cuisine, with ingredients from both local and seasonal markets. We always work from a more personal and modern point of view, whether in our preparations or presentations. We are faithful to this philosophy because our island and its coasts offer us an extremely good product of the highest quality.

    “Montaña de Haría” is born with the illusion of a family that intends to overcome the hard situation that the country is going through, exploiting the primary sector more united than ever and trying to surprise the public with products which, thanks to the climate and other factors that surround our situation, make it unique.

  • Resident’s tip: Do not miss the opportunity to order the crispy morea with sweet potato chips, perhaps the best known and most widespread recipe of its chef Juan Perdomo, looking at the impressive Risco.
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Montaña de Haría Cheese Factory

  • Address: Diseminados de Haría, 21. Haría.
  • GPS: 29.14976, -13.49287
  • Phone: +34 690274182
  • Email: rglezviera@gmail.com
  • Access:     Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Description: “Montaña de Haría” is born with the illusion of a family that intends to overcome the hard situation that the country is going through, exploiting the primary sector more united than ever and trying to surprise the public with products which, thanks to the climate and other factors that surround our situation, make it unique.
  • Resident’s tip: We recommend tasting their cheeses smoked in a wood-fired oven, with Indian fig topping and especially their magnificent cottage cheese.
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Jameos del Agua

  • Address: Jameos del Agua, Carretera Arrecife-Órzola, s/n. 35520 – Haría.
  • Opening hours: From 12:00h to 16:00h every day and from 19:00h to 23:00h Tuesday and Saturday and Wednesday in summer season. Cocktail Bar on the Lake: from 19:00h to 00:30h Tuesday and Saturday, also Wednesday in summer season.
  • GPS: 29°09’32.4″N 13°25’53.9″W
  • Phone: +34  928 848 020. For group reservations of more than 15 people or to book a special event, our Sales Department will attend you at 928 801500 or via e-mail
  • Email: info@centrosturisticos.com, comercial@centrosturisticos.com
  • Web: go to the web
  • Access:     Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish, English and German
  • Level of interest: 5
  • Description: The Jameos del Agua restaurant is located inside a volcanic tube created by the eruption of the Corona Volcano. Eating inside such a place is an exceptional and different experience, whether you enjoy it during the day or at night. In addition to its volcanic surroundings, the decoration (created by César Manrique), the music and the lighting make all the difference. Its updated gastronomic proposal combines contemporary dishes with top quality local products. It has dishes suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, as well as a children’s menu.
  • Special Event: “Jameos Nights” is a new way to experience the beauty of Jameos del Agua during the evening. The magic of the place is combined in this evening with two menus to choose from, with live music by the lake with a band that has the timple (a typical Canary Islands musical instrument) as the protagonist. See more
  • Resident’s tip: shhh, shall I tell you a secret? Inside the Jameos del Agua there is a small cave that few people know about. You can find it in the opposite direction of the lake. Crossing the toilets of the restaurant, a viewpoint allows us to see a natural pool illuminated in green. This curious volcanic grotto continues under the sea through the Túnel de la Atlántida (Tunnel of Atlantis) you will see how you will feel like contemplating it for a few minutes.
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El Amanecer Restaurant

  • Address: La Garita, 46. 35542 – Arrieta.
  • Opening hours: Todos los días de 12.00 a 22.00h
  • GPS: 29.1314, -13.46094
  • Phone: +34 928848390
  • Access:     Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Description: In the Amanecer Restaurant you can enjoy a delicious meal with incredible views of the sea. This restaurant has been open to the public for many years and is located in the fishing village of Arrieta, where Amanecer specialises in fresh fish. You will enter a place with traditional decoration, which opens onto a terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean full of fishing boats, seagulls and the maritime aroma that invites you to a good traditional cuisine with the best fish and seafood of the island.
  • Resident’s tip: El Amanecer’ has no secrets: good local fish, and very good prices for excellent and always fresh meal. Straight from the sea to the kitchen table and finally to reach your plate.

Seña Felisa Cheese Factory

  • Address: La Quemadita 107, Órzola.
  • GPS: 29.219931, -13.452227
  • Phone: +34 659 461 903
  • Access:     Accessibility
  • Language: Spanish
  • Descripción: Felisa has been making fresh raw milk cheese for more than 50 years, when, as she says, she married a shepherd, José Domingo León, and had to go up from Guatiza to Órzola to make cheese. Nowadays, her son Domingo has taken over the livestock farm, which has around 130 Majorero goats, and combines his work as a livestock farmer with that of butcher at the Haría market.
  • Resident’s tip: More than 60 years of good cheese. For this traditional cheese-makers, the key for having a good cheese still lies in the milk, and the good care of the cattle fed with natural fodder, alfalfa and millet, excluding fodder.