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An enchanting harbour

An enchanting harbour

When you are in Cambrils, time seems to drift by slowly. It may be due to its fishing port where in the afternoon there is fast-paced atmosphere, whereas the rest of the day invites you to take a leisurely stroll to the Red Lighthouse or to photograph our best-known sculptures. It can be for its endless promenade, for the catamaran coming into port or for the fishing boats that seem to be painted into the horizon. It may be because of the exquisite aromas that come out of the restaurant kitchens that open your appetite. Or it just may be a combination of them all. That is why we invite you to head in the right direction and allow yourself to get carried away in the calm atmosphere of the city.

Points of interest: Fishermen’s Guild, Young Fisherman, Net Menders, Denver Restaurant, 1966 Casa Macarrilla Restaurant, Red Lighthouse, Costa Dorada Cruises, Pino Redondo.

On this route we start from the fishing port where we will observe how the fishing boats arrive into the port surrounded by seagulls waiting for fresh fish just brought in, which gives it a natural charm. Walking among the carts full of fish will lead us up to the Red Lighthouse where you can take some spectacular photographs or even paint the lighthouse with such a striking red colour that contrasts with the blue sky. Along the lively promenade with countless shops and restaurants, we can observe the features of the two sculptures that are connected to the world of fishing and its people, or we can even take it a bit further, to the Pino Redondo, a place well known by all those who practice running, or cycling.

The suggested restaurants are the Denver and the Casa Macarrilla 1966, both of seafood cuisine with touches of modernity and above all with local and high-quality products. You will find the owner of the Denver at the auction every afternoon choosing the products he needs in his restaurant. In addition, the third generation of the Macarrilla have known how to adapt the recipes that their fisherman grandfather cooked on the boat to be later transformed and served in the restaurant. They remember it day after day with the beautiful boat in which they serve the appetisers.

The port of Cambrils is the departure and arrival of maritime excursions and catamarans that will take your whole family for half a day or a full day to help let go of the daily routines and disconnect completely.

Point of interest:

Fishermen's guilds and port

  • Address: Moll Ponent, 0, 43850 Cambrils, Tarragona
  • Opening hours: The months of May and June are closed.
  • GPS: 41.0633442,1.0571167,17
  • Telephone: + 34 977 360 052
  • Access:   Accessibility
  • Description: The history of the current Fishermen’s Guild dates back, at least, to the 18th century. Throughout its history it has had different names and its location has been changing, from the old Fishing Cooperative building to its current headquarters in the same port of Cambrils, on the west dock. Currently, 13 trawlers go out to sea from the port of Cambrils, which mainly fish: sea bream, hake, galleys, squid, and octopus; 4 light boats that catch sardines and anchovies, among other blue fish and 7 trammel boats, which mainly fish for sole, red mullet and cuttlefish.
  • Products offered: Walk through the port to see the activity of the fishermen.
  • Local’s advice: If you visit Cambrils, you cannot miss the opportunity to have a wander through the port along to the fish market. From Monday to Friday around 17:00h. – you can enjoy the arrival of the fishermen coming into the port loaded with the catches in which you can learn a little more about this millenary profession.
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Young Fisherman sculpture

          • Address: Passeig Miramar
          • GPS: 41.064574, 1.058630
          • Access:  Accessibility Underground fee-paying car park
          • Characteristics: Bronze sculpture by Dolors Ortuño
          • Description: Bronze sculpture made by Maria Dolors Ortuño which represents a young fisherman who sells fish with a basket in his hand, replicating how fish was sold in the olden days in Cambrils. This sculpture is a replica, since the original was stolen in 1980. In 1994 the Interpol located it in Leeds, but although the City Council initiated the procedures to recover it, it could never be recovered. So in 2004 this sculpture was commissioned which was a copy of the original one.

          Local’s advice: Visit the sculpture in the morning, where most likely in this area you will see a esplanade lined with trees with hundreds of metres of nets spread out along the ground and if you are lucky you will be able to see how the fishermen or the women mend and sew the nets that have been damaged during the last day out at sea.

Las Sculpture of the Net-Menders

        • Address: Consolat de Mar, 92
        • GPS: 41.066017, 1.064329
        • Access:  Accessibility Underground fee-paying car park
        • Characteristics: Bronze sculpture by Dolors Ortuño
        • Description: With this sculpture we want to illustrate one of the most traditional local activities. They are of two net-menders sitting on wicker chairs, sewing up the holes. It is a bronze sculpture by the artist Dolors Ortuño and it was made in 1998.
        • Local’s advice: A unique photomontage could be to take a photo with the statue and another with the people who are currently mending the nets in the port of Cambrils.

Denver Restaurant

  • Address: C/Mont-roig, 9 43850 Cambrils Tarragona
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 13:15-15:30 Friday-Saturday 20:15-22:30
  • GPS: 41.067509, 1.067041
  • Telephone: + 34 977 360 023
  • Email:
  • Web: go to the web
  • Access:   Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English.
  • Description: Inaugurated in 2011, the Denver Restaurant, offers a seafood cuisine specialising in the preparation of rice, seafood and fish. They continue with the same philosophy with which they started 25 years ago at the seaside beach bar… Seasonal produce, local and always of the best quality, preparing and cooking all the dishes at the moment the customer requests them … Their purpose is to continue surprising customers, as they have done up to now. This year the new generation have joined the project.
  • Products offered: Locally produced products
  • Local’s advice: Ask the waiter what fish or shellfish they have bought in the afternoon at the Cambrils fish market … or for any dish with Bomba rice from the Ebro Delta, exquisite!
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Restaurant Casa Macarrilla 1966

  • Address: C / Barques, 14 43850 Cambrils Tarragona
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 13:00-15:30 and Thursday to Saturday from 19:30 a 22:30
  • GPS: 1:003:3041.067133, 1.061383
  • Telephone: + 34 977 360 814
  • Email:
  • Web: go to web
  • Access:    Accessibility 2 steps at the entrance
  • Languages: Spanish and Catalan.
  • Description: Restaurant founded in 1966 and currently run by the third generation. Fusion between tradition, authenticity and modernity blended together with the sole objective of creating a unique and exciting gastronomic experience. You can choose à la carte or limited edition menus, signature dishes created with that special touch made with fresh and seasonal products. Also seasonal menus to satisfy the most demanding of palates.
  • Products offered: Seafood cuisine presented with signature proposals.
  • Local’s advice: Try the golden noodles with galleys, a recipe evolved from the fishermen’s food on board and introduced onto the menu by the current chef’s grandfather more than 50 years ago.
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Red Lighthouse

  • Address: Moll de Ponent, s/n, Cambrils, Tarragona
  • Opening HoursTodo el día.
  • GPS: 41.062710, 1.061886
  • Access:   Accessibility
  • Description:It is one of the characteristic features of the port of Cambrils. At the beginning of the 20th century, it became necessary to build a port of refuge. The initial project contemplated the construction of two piers, at both ends of the Marina (port) district, in the form of convergent arms. The works began in May 1933, and lasted until 1957 when this lighthouse was built.
  • Products offered:A pleasant walk.
  • Local’s advice:It is a must for lovers of good photographs as you will enjoy wonderful sunsets, as well as the day-to-day life of the fishermen in the port. In addition, its intense red colour contrasts perfectly with the blue sky of Cambrils, so painting lovers will also find their inspiration here.

Cruises Costa Dorada

  • Address: Passeig de Miramar, 42 43850 Cambrils Tarragona
  • GPS: 41.065331, 1.060981
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00
  • Telephone: +34 977 362 669
  • Email:
  • Web: go to the web
  • Access:   Accessibility
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Dutch and German.
  • Description:CREUERS COSTA DAURADA has a fleet with three catamarans of different capacities and offers its clients various options. From the traditional tourist route along the Costa Daurada, visiting its fine sandy beaches, the quiet coves or simply enjoying the sun aboard modern and well-equipped catamarans, to private parties, communions, weddings, company dinners or any event in which you can enjoy various activities.
  • Products offered: Boat tours.
  • Local’s advice: One of the excursions will take you to a beautiful cove on the Costa Dorada on the OCEAN FLY catamaran where it is docked to enjoy a pleasant swim or sunbathe whilst enjoying a drink. Totally recommendable
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Rounded Pine Tree

  • Address: Diputació, 29, Cambrils Tarragona
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Access:   Accessibility
  • Description:Centennial tree declared of local and regional interest. It is located on the seafront and is one of the most emblematic places to walk through in the city. There are also bike lanes and areas to practice sports activities.
  • Products offered: Natural asset.
  • Local’s advice: Stay in the shade, seated on the round bench and photograph the spectacular beach of Cambrils.