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Wine tourism

Gastronomy and wine are the external expression of every corner, as they are the result of what the climate, the soil, the varieties used and the action of man have achieved. They also constitute a fundamental pillar of the tourist offer of any destination. This reality is especially palpable in the case of the province of Seville, which since time immemorial has had a memory of wine and a distillation of brandies and liqueurs that has not only managed to survive the passing of centuries and the numerous civilisations that inhabited the area, but has also been enriched by the melting pot of cultures that made their contribution to the alchemy of the vine.
As part of one of the Roman provinces, it was an important wine-growing area. In its villas and fields, there were beautiful rows of vineyards from which the rich musts were extracted to become intoxicating wines, both for local consumption and for exporting to other parts of the Roman Empire.
The cultivation of the vine and the elaboration of good wines are to be found all over the Sevillian geography. Specifically, there are three fundamental wine regions in the province of Seville: the Aljarafe, the Sierra Norte and Guadalquivir-Doñana.