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Wine from Lanzarote

La Geria, malvasía, malvasía volcánica

Despite the dryness of the island and the closeness to neighbor Africa, Lanzarote has the conditions to vine growing, a miracle that happens from the tireless work of the viticulturists and the benefic action of the trade winds, who brings the humidity from the Atlantic Ocean to the tortured geography.

The island counts with almost 2,000 ha of vines in production, divided in more than 7,500 plots along the 7 municipalities.

The island climatology provokes an early harvest, the first one in all Europe. July means the beginning of the artisan and ceremonial harvest of the precious grapes. There is one grape variety unique in the whole globe: the Volcanic Malvasia, with great quality by its balance, taste and perfume. Other important varieties are white listan, black listan, muscatel from Alexandria, diego and black mulata.

Most part of the harvest is dedicated to the elaboration of white wines, being dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet, liquor wines, vintage and sparkling. However, there are also excellent rosé and red wines. The numerous prizes that our wines gain year after year at national and international level are the best proof of their excellent quality.