Ternasco - Saborea España

Ternasco from Aragón I.G.P.: a tender, healthy and sustainable lamb.


In Zaragoza, we use the same word “ternasco”, deriving from the word “tierno” (tender), to describe a lamb that has not yet been put out to pasture. It is an excellent quality meat both due to the characteristics of the breeds as well as the natural food it receives. When we talk about defining what ternasco is, in other words, when the designation regulation was approved and the Aragon regulating council of Ternasco established that it is a lamb comprising three breeds: rasa aragonesa, ojinegra de Teruel and roya bilbilitana; aged between 70 to 90 days and fed with maternal milk and authorised natural feeds. Finally, the carcass weight of these animals should be between 8 and 14kg. This, and the fact that their mothers graze on the slopes of Moncayo, or on the bank of the Ebro river, is what gives this meat its flavour and high gastronomic value.

Spring, Summer, Winter, zaragoza