T.A.-T.A.rtar Belly-sweet false couscous-Yoghurt and Aromatic Herbs - Saborea España


For the belly:
• 2 pieces of lower belly from T.A. (Tierras Aragonesas – The Lands of Aragon)
• Salt
• Virgin olive oil
• Garlic
• Aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, bay leaves…)

For the tartare:
• Loin or leg of beef from Aragon
• Fuentes onion, gherkin, capers from Ballobar, old-style mustard, chives, Lea & Perrins sauce and sriracha sauce
• Egg yolk, virgin olive oil, salt and pepper
• Fried artichoke chips

For the couscous:
• Grated Migas de pan (breadcrumbs)
• Dried fruit
• Muscatel
• Butter
• Brown sugar

Other ingredients:
• Greek yoghurt
• Ternasco jus made with the bones and selected vegetables
• Aromatic herbs: Mint, basil, roses, cinnamon, …
• Candied sesame seeds
• Reduction of garnacha wine
• Sugar, salt and virgin olive oil
• Calanda peach purée

1. For the T.A. belly: Season the two lower belly cuts and spread with olive oil and garlic. Place them in a vacuum bag along with the herbs, a few cloves of garlic and a splash of olive oil and cook in a steam oven at 70ºC for approximately 14-16 hours until tender. Once cooked, remove the bones and thoroughly trim any fat or tissue. Put one piece on top of the other so that the skin is facing outwards and place in the fridge with a weight on top to exert slight pressure.

2. For the false couscous: Soak the crumbs in Muscatel wine. Cook the breadcrumbs with a knob of butter, brown sugar and the dried fruit (raisins, walnuts, hazelnuts, …) as you would for traditional migas. The result is like couscous.

3. For the tartare: Dice the T.A. once trimmed of fibrous tissue. Dress with the ingredients to make a tartare.


Sear the T.A. belly, that has been trimmed to look appealing, on a grill or in a non-stick frying pan on the sides with skin.
Place the belly on the plate served with a quenelle of the tartare and some artichoke chips. Add the couscous, a few touches of yoghurt, the garnacha reduction, the sriracha sauce, the Calanda peach purée, the flowers and aromatic herbs and a pinch of powdered cinnamon.
We finish off with the ternasco sauce, Maldon salt and candied sesame seeds on top of the belly.

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