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Smoked rice of eel from the miño river with sea urchins


We clean the eels to remove the guts and bleed them.

We cook them at 74ºC for three hours vacuum packed with a little fish soup.

Once cooked, we take it out of the bag and strain the juice, which will help us to cook the rice.

We separate the eels in loins removing the skin and the thorns. We reserve.

With the fishbones, the skin and the cooking broth we prepare a new broth to cook the rice, adding fumet and letting it cook for approximately 30 or 40 minutes until it reaches the desired flavor. We reserve.

We clean the sea urchins taking out their gonads and leaving them very clean, for this we use the “water” inside to rinse them several times until they are perfectly clean, without any impurity. We reserve.

We smoke the rice.  First we fry it with a little bit of onion. Once fryed we put it in a cupboard smoker and add the flavor using oak sawdust from oal barrels used for the production of Jack Daniel’s.

Then we cook it with the juice we get from the eel.



We accompany the rice with the eel, the sea urchins and a couple of pieces of strawberry that will help us refresh our mouths.

To provide the crispy point, we also put some small leaves of crispy spinach. We finish with flowers or micro vegetables.


Luis Veira, Árbore da Veira Restaurant (Coruña Cociña)


  • Eels
  • Sea Urchins
  • Rice

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