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Smoked and lacquered octopus



Cook the octopus for 25 minutes and let it stand for another 25 minutes in the same water in wich it was cooked. Remove the octopus from the water in which it was cooked. Reduced the water to ¼ of its volume.

After obtaining this reduced, intense juice, lacquer the octopus with the cooking juice until the tentacle has a bright, intense colour. After lacquering, place in a smoker and smoke with rosemary for 6 minutes.



Place the octopus tentacle on top of some celery springs. Light a spring of rosemary and place it on top of octopus , so that its fragrance intensifies the taste of the lacquered and smoked tentacle.


Gorka Rodríguez, Pulpeira de Melide (Coruña Cociña)


  • 4 octopus tentacles (about 180 g each)
  • 500 ml of octopus cooking stock
  • 1 bunch of rosemary

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