Sancocho 2017 - Saborea España

Sancocho 2017

How to Cook the “Sanchocho 2017” by Chef Chema Marrero

Carmelize the cherne (fish similar to hake) at 62 degrees for 2 hours, ensuring it becomes mushy. Blend all of the ingredients for the mojo in a food processor, slowly pouring in the oil at the end.Mix together all of the pella ingredients and flatten into a thin laminate with the aid of wax paper, then bake on a teflon baking sheet with a heavy cover.

Make a semi-bodied puré with the yellow yam in a food processor.

Liquify the cooked potato puré by spraying from a pressurized syphon.

Assemble the ingredients on the plate as seen in the photo, beginning with the liquified potatoes, the puré, cheme, finishing with the mojo sauce along with the thin laminate of maize meal cake.

Decorate with banana leaves.


  • 250 gr Suprema de cheme
  • 1 ltr Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Temisas
  • 40 gr new potatoes
  • Sea salt
  • 30 gr yellow yams
  • 0.1 gr salt flakes
  • 2 gr chives

For the Mojo

  • 0.4 gr cumin
  • 0.4 gr sweet paprika
  • 5 gr olive oil
  • 2 gr white wine vinegar
  • 0.3 gr sea salt
  • 4 gr garlic


  • 10 gr lightly toasted corn meal
  • 3 ml red mojo sauce
  • 2 gr very ripe banana
  • 1 gr aged rum

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