Rice - Saborea España


The lands that, from Seville, follow the Southern path towards the sea, on both banks of the Guadalquivir River, form one of the most attractive and richest ecosystems in our province. One of the oldest crops in the history of mankind and the fundamental basics for the diet of millions of people, rice, has found in our land the best habitat for its growth and harvest. Hectares of rice fields that are the wealth of our fields, the largest extension of rice in the Old World. All this in the surroundings of the Doñana Natural Park, with all its wealth of flora and fauna. Today, Seville represents around 66% of Europe’s supply of the long grain rice market, constituting the highest yield per hectare of the whole continent, after reconverting its production of round grain, in just three years, to the type of American long grain rice due to the European Union’s surplus of the round grain variety.

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