Rice with galera shellfish - Saborea España

Rice with galera shellfish


Fry the galeras in a deep pan with olive oil and set aside. Do the same with the cleaned cuttlefish. In the same pan simmer the finely cut onions, red pepper, artichokes, green garlic shoots and the mix of chopped garlic with parsely. When the vegetables are sufficiently sauteed add the cuttlefish, rice and fish broth.

Boil for ten minutes, then add the galeras and cook until rice is ready.


serves four people

  • 12 Galeras.
  • 6 artichokes
16 cuttlefish
520 gr. Rice
  • 70 gr. onions
3 green garlic shoots
  • roasted red pepper
chopped garlic and parsley mix
1 liter fish broth
virgin olive oil
  • a pinch of salt