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“Pan de Cruz” Bread from Ciudad Real (IGP: Protected Geographic Location)

Pan de Cruz enjoys the Protected Geographic Location (IGP) label, and is characterized by its density and compactness. It’s derived from semolina wheat and has a bregado consistent crumb and is characterized by a bulging loaf. The crust is smooth and has a deep perpendicular cut on one side in the form a cross, from which it derives its name. It also shows its registration number of the bakery of origin. On the other side it bears the moniker IGP. The bread’s characteristics: – It’s made from a hard dough of semolina wheat with the following indices: W between 140-200 and P/L between 0.5-1.0. – It’s round-shaped and flattened, with a crust. – It has a thick crust, between one and two milimeters, soft but crunchy, with a color ranging from golden to light brown. It has a toasted cereal flavor. – It’s crumbs are white, soft, spongey, and consistent without nooks and crannies. Its appearance is cotton-like. – It’s sensorial characteristics are: the white of the bread has a strong cereal aroma, with an agreeable flavor that’s slightly sweet, with a delicate, crunchy crust tasting of toasted cereal. Under normal conditions “Pan de Cruz” from Ciudad Real can last for six or seven days.

The entire Ciudad Real region.

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