Oranges - Saborea España


The sour orange

The orange tree of Seville, its blossom, its fruit are an unequivocal sign of our city, of our culture, of the sensorial map of smells and visions that shape our image of the city. It is Easter Week and Feria de Abril, the Spring Fair.


But while for those of us who live here, the orange tree is mainly shade, perfume and imagery, for millions of other people, the orange tree of Seville and the oranges themselves are part of their daily gastronomy, as well as their culture.


According to a 2010 datum from the Premier Foods multinational, Seville marmalade is consumed by almost half of British households. Nowadays, many Sevillian companies use their peel and pulp to make delicious dishes, jams and drinks, etc.


The land of orange trees

The Guadalquivir River, on its way between Córdoba and Seville, unveils a valley whose luxuriant, rich and diverse nature makes it one of the most important orange-producing areas in Spain, as well as a world reference.


Its intense colour is produced by its high concentration of minerals and vitamins which, together with its contribution of fibre, give it a low acidity and a high sweetness.The peculiar climate of the Guadalquivir Valley, including its more than 4,000 hours of sunshine per year, as well as its thermal contrasts, provide an appearance, aroma and flavour that make this fruit unique.


This is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin C and antioxidants concentration, essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the citrus, floral, refreshing and sweet aroma of the Oranges of the Guadalquivir Valley is well known for its antidepressant properties. An orange with an Andalusian character!