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Extra virgin olive oil: source of health

The Sierra del Moncayo Designation of Origin is found to the west of the community, in the province of Zaragoza, and includes the districts of Tarazona and Moncayo, as well as Campo de Borja. It extends across 34 municipalities with a surface area of 2,500 hectares. Across the whole of the Mediterranean Latin Arch, grape and olive cultivation are linked and, it is in this zone where the countryside reflects this coexistence, there being many cooperatives and private companies that juggle both agricultural activities. Such is the case with the Cooperativa Santo Cristo, from Magallón, which produces delicious garnacha wines and excellent extra virgin olive oils under the La Olivera, La Olivera de Magallón and Pago La Corona brands. The oil produced under this D. O. P. is achieved using olives from the empeltre, arbequina, negral, verdial and royal varieties. They are very well-balanced oils with a pleasant mouthfeel, outstanding bitter and spicy sensations, which are indicators of the beneficial properties of our oils.

In the southeast of the province, in the district of Caspe and the surrounding area, the Bajo Aragon D.O.P. states that our oils should be made with, at least, 80% olives from the empeltre variety. The rest can be from the other two varieties accepted by the regulation: arbequina and royal. Thus, an oil with a clean aspect, yellow-coloured with shades ranging from bright golden yellow to old gold, and with a smooth, fluid, elegant and pleasant taste. And the fact is that our extra virgin olive oils are a great help when it comes to our health: anti-inflammatory, regenerative, hydrating and anti-oxidant effects.

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