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Oil and olives

Olive trees, oil and olives are consubstantial to the history and culture of Seville and its province, and they are part of the material and symbolic inheritance transmitted from one generation to the next starting in Antiquity. The cultivation of the olive tree is linked to the progress of humanity and to the process of civilization and has deeply marked the way of life of the city throughout its history, to the extent of forging a true olive grove culture.The venerated image of the olive grove appears repeatedly in the city ́s archives, in its painting, in its poetry, in its literature, in its particular traditions and constitutes the essence of Sevillian cuisine, both traditional and avant-garde.

We can say for sure that to speak of olives in Seville is the same as to speak of hospitality.Indeed, it is hard to find a place in Andalusia, especially in Seville, whether it be a house or a bar, where you are not welcomed by being offered -along with a beer, a fino or a manzanilla- tasty olives in one of their multiple presentations: split, crushed or striped, whole, stuffed with anchovies or peppers, etc. They can be gordales, manzanillas, verdiales or of other varieties and be green, black, purple, etc. They are all equally appetizing and healthy, and serve to welcome us.