Morcilla - Saborea España



The black pudding known as morcilla is a product associated with the pig slaughtering season. Morcilla has always been prepared with different parts of the pig such as the blood, intestines and lard to which vegetable products were added like the local Horcal variety of onion or paprika. It was in the 18th Century that morcilla recipes started to include rice. This was how the basic elements of morcilla de Burgos came to be established, the “bland, tasty and spicy” that we know today. Although there are different recipes, they are always prepared in line with tradition, ensuring that the variety of flavours and aromas, which characterise it, last.


 The morcillas are prepared by small companies from the province that make them in the traditional way, with very little mechanical assistance throughout the process.


After many years of fighting for their quality to be recognised, in 2018 morcilla de Burgos was finally recognised as a new Protected Geographic Indication.