Honey - Saborea España


Traditional ingredient in the gastronomy of Tenerife

In Tenerife we can find delicious, multiflora honeys from the coast, hills and mountains and because no specific botanical species dominate here the honeys from the combination of flowers have quite surprising characteristics. However, you can also find honey that comes from one particular plant or a small number of plants. Among the many types of honey, there is the honey from the Teide Broom, which is produced in the period between spring and summer at a height of over 1500 metres.


This honey has a clear, amber colour, with yellow tones and a delicate aroma with a hint of warm plants and a gentle taste. Then, there is honey from the Tower of Jewels plant with a delicate taste of chestnut and avocado. It has a dark colour and a characteristic smell of caramel, ripe fruit and of heathland etc.

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