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Melons from la Mancha (IGP: Protected Geographic Location)

The IGP label only pertains to Category 1 melons, with a minimum sugar level of 11º Brix (± 0,5º) and weighing between 1.8 y 4 Kg. (± 0,1 Kg.). The “Piñonet” or “Toadskin” variety have an elliptical or oval shape. The skin can me smooth or slightly rough with an average thickness of 0.6 to 0.8 cm. They have grooves or ribbings of varying intensity running lengthwise, normally more abundant toward the stalk and the scar left by the stigma. Green is the dominant color, with medium-sized dark patches distributed uniformly. As the melon matures it takes on a more yellowish hue. The fruit is white and creamy. In the central cavity you’ll find the placental area which is orange in color and generally smaller than in other varieties. Here is where the melon’s seeds are found. With regard to flavor, the melon is sweet with abundant juice and not fibrous.


Geographic location:
The melon is produced, prepared and packaged in the rural county of Mancha and is comprised of the towns of Alcázar de San Juan, Arenales de San Gregorio, Argamasilla de Alba, Campo de Criptana, Daimiel, Herencia, Llanos, Manzanares, Membrilla, Socuéllamos, Tomelloso, Valdepeñas and Villarta de San Juan. Local weather conditions give the melons their characteristic size, color and distinct grooves on their skin; the texture and low-fiber quality of the fruit itself; and its juicy sweetness.

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