Frito mallorquín - Saborea España

Frito mallorquín


Previously we cut all the ingredients into cubes.

Next, in a pan with plenty of oil, we are going to fry all the ingredients in batches.

First the potatoes, then the peppers, the cauliflower and finally the lamb offal.

As we fry the ingredients, we reserve them in a clay pot.

Finally, fry the garlic, previously crushed, and the spring onion in the pan.

Once sautéed, add the fennel, the bay leaf, the peas and the blood.

Finally, we mix everything in the clay pot and add a little more fennel.



  • Offal (Liver, lung, heart and blood)
  • 3 large potatoes
  • 2 red bell peppers
  • 300g of cauliflower
  • 150g peas
  • 1 bunch of spring onions
  • Fennel
  • garlic
  • Laurel
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper