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Eggplants from Almagro (IGP: Protected Geographic Location)

Eggplants from Almagro are derived from the “Solanum Melongena.” Dealmagro, a healthy, clean and intact, prepared as a preserve in our kitchens, dressing, fermentation and jarring. The making of the of the preserves begins by cooking the eggplants for five to 20 minutes. Once done they’re fermented along with seasonings for four to 15 days. The seasoning is comprised of vinager, vegetable oils, salt, cumin, garlic, sweet peppers and water. Once jarred they are marketed in four styles: seasoned, stuffed, with fresh peppers or pepper paste, in chunks or diced. They’re jarred in the same place as they’re fermented.


Geographic Location:
Several villages participate in the growing, preparation and jarring of the eggplants. They are: Aldea del rey, Almagro, Bolaños de Calatrava, Calzada de Calatrava, Granátula de Calatrava, Valenzuela de Calatrava and Viso del Marqués, all located in the province of Ciudad Real. Almagro eggplants are a unique variety with a singular method of preparation. There’s a clear relationship between the geography of the region and the quality, the reputation and other specific characteristics of this product. It’s a local variety that’s grown here for generations. Farmers use the eggplants’ own seeds for each year’s crop, which has ensured that the Almagro variety is well-adapted to the climate and yields something truly unique.

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