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Suckling Lamb

This lamb, along with the suckling pig, have always been the most revered dishes in our festivals. To enjoy a good plate of suckling lamb brings a sense of joy and celebration. It’s an age-old tradition in Segovia. It’s no surprise that Segovia has been at the crossroads of many grazing trails and routes and has thrived as a hub for sheep shearing and the manufacturing of cloth. Sheep have long grazed at the foot our mountains in the meadows infused with the flavor of “Segovia’s soil.” Our acclaimed roasters are adept at enhancing this exquisite food which, when prepared simply, amplifies the aromatic flavor of the meat. Lamb is one of the stalwart pillars of Segovian cuisine. “The Route of the Roast Lamb” is one of the main draws for tourists in our province and runs from the the capital city, Segovia, through the charming villages of Torrecaballeros, Turêgano, Pedraza, Sepúlveda, Cuéllar, Sacramenia, Riaza, Coca and many others. The Segovian suckling lamb must meet certain strict criteria ,and to ensure this we’ve created the Segolechal Seal of Guarantee.