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Cod, turnip tops and bellies



For the cod:

Desalinate in water two days with two water changes per day.

We cook in a vacuum and steamed at 64ºC for 14 minutes with 2 tablespoons of virgin extra olive oil and a crushed. Cool in ice water and reserve.


For the bellies:

Remove the black cloth and vacuum pack to cook steamed at  64ºC for 40 minutes with a tablespoon of virgin extra olive oil to extract the maximum amount of collagen possible.

Cool on ice just like cod and reserve.


For the turnip tops smoothie:

We wash and discard the most fibrous main ribs. We scalded in salt water for 4 minutes and cooled in ice water to fix the color.

In a Thermomix we crush them with the fish stock for 5 minutes at speed 3.

We will strain very fine with 1 tablespoon of virgin extra olive oil and the Xanthan gum and will give it texture.


For the pil pil sauce:

We put in a glass of turmix the juice that the bellies and the loin have released, 2 tablespoons of fish soup and a little bit of salt. While crushing we will be adding 0.4º olive oil at thread until it gains texture.



We give the cod a steam stroke at the same cooking temperature so that it does not pass and we temper the pil pil sauce.

We cut the bellied bellies in julienne and sauté them with 1 garlic clove very chopped and a web drops of extra virgin olive oil.

In the base of the dish we place a tablespoon of pil pil sauce.

On this we place the sauteed bellies and rest on the cod loin.

To finish, sauté the loin of cod with 1 tablespoon of the hot grated smoothie.


Javi Freijeiro, Pracer Restaurant (Coruña Cociña)


  • 1 salted cod loin of 150 grams
  • 4 desalted cod bellies
  • Half bunch of turnip tops
  • 2 garlic clove
  • 100 ml of fish soup
  • 0,2 grams of Xanthan gum
  • Virgin extra olive oil
  • Olive oil 0,4°

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