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carbayones, dulces, Oviedo

Oviedo is famous for its great bakeries and exquisite sweets. One such pastry is so typical its name also happens to be the one residents go by: the “carbayones.” It was created over a century ago to represent the city at the Festival of “Muestras” in Asturias. It’s an elongated cake set in a pastry crust, filled with an egg-based cream with almond and sugar and a syrupy crust.
More recently the “moscovitas” have enjoyed success. They’re chocolate wafers with almonds. Other folks are tempted by the “princecitas,” small doughnuts made from marzipan and egg yolks. At Christmas time in Oviedo, sweets take the form of long bars, such as turrón, and in the traditional pastry shops they’re never short on”casadiellas” – a small empanada filled with ground nuts, sugar and anís – or “frixuelos,” as crepes are called in Asturias, with a wonderful variety of fillings and toppings.