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Cakes from Inés Rosales


More than one-hundred years old, the Andalucian dessert and sweets company, Inés Rosales, has become the leader in its sector thanks to its Extra-Virgen Olive Oil Cakes. The cakes are recognized in Europe with the ETG seal. An ETG guarantees the cakes are made using traditional methods and recipes.

The olive oil cake from Inés Rosales is an emblematic product in Sevilla, the result of the historic blending of the three cultures that make up our identity. Balanced between savory and sweet, with a touch of anís, it’s made from the same recipe rescued in 1910 by Doña Rosales Cabello. Every olive oil cake is hand-made and packaged individually in special wax paper. What makes these cakes unique is their singular use of Extra-Virgen Olive Oil of Superior Quality.