Cachopo - Saborea España




Lay out the filets on a table top or any smooth surface. Cover with wax paper and tenderize with a rolling pin to break down the meat’s fibers. Atop one of the filets place the filling – cheese, jam, cheese – cover with the other filet, squeezing together the edges of the meat. Dip in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Fry in very hot oil then set on plate with absorbant paper. Serve with french fries and peppers and/or salad.



-It’s important to have a large enough frying pan so that the cachopo fits without bending.

-There are many types of fillings for cachopo, beginning with the type of cheese which must, in any case, be able to melt. Some varieties of fillings include: jerked beef and goat cheese, afuelga’l pitu cheese and chosco sausage, mushroom and nanny-goat’s cheese, Casín cheese with applesauce, foie and serrano ham…some folks even add a bit of veggies, with peppers and ASPARAGUS, or carmelized onions.



  • 2 austurian beef filets
  • 4 strips serrano ham
  • 50 gr austurian cheese
  • For breading and frying: flour, eggs, breadcrums (medium-sized are best) and lots of oil.

cachopo, Oviedo