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Bomba Rice

The “Bomba rice” is a rice variety grown across Pego-Oliva marsh, next to the city of Dénia. Such a variety is meant to be the best for cooking. It is a sort of rice from India which was introduced in marshes along the Mediterranean coast during the Middle Ages. Such variety adapted well and it is currently the most exclusive variety. It is particularly used for cooking paella and other dishes based on rice, which are typical from Valencian cuisine.


In Pego-Oliva marsh, high-quality local rice varieties have been developed, such as the “Bombón” or “Pegonil”, along with the traditional growing of “Bomba rice”. Over the last years, farmers have been developing experimental organic rice crops of up to 17 varieties that are able to adapt to the fields along the marsh


The “Bomba rice” has a great capacity to absorb the broth of stews, allowing flavors to be retained. The grain is smaller and harder than other varieties, so it is recommended to use more water and cooking it for a few more minutes, depending on the dish.


All the varieties grown across Pego-Oliva marsh are registered, appointed and branded as “Rice from Valencia”.