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Azahar de Mondas dessert


The Azahar de Mondas dessert is on the ricos-ricos list of the famous Repsol Guide. Created in 2008 by Rafael Sánchez, owner of the Gotxua patisserie, it embodies and reinforces the synergy between gastronomy and local culture. Only a few days of the year, during the Mondas celebrations, we can taste three varieties 

Azahar de Mondas: Mondas cake, a sponge cake with a traditional aroma, covered with custard with a touch of orange blossom and decorated with white chocolate.  

Caprichos de Mondas: spiced Mondas bread roll. 

Mondillas: lollipops flavoured with orange blossom, orange petals and cake.



Sponge base with flavour enhancers (all local products), a custard base infused with orange blossom petals, decorated with a white chocolate ribbon.