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Artichokes with clams in their juice 


Peel off the artichokes leaving a part of the stalk and put them in water with parsley.


Then boil them in just a bit of water and salt (just to cover them) and in the bottom of the casserole locate the second leaves of the artichokes (those that you normally throw, but which are from the interior) and a parsley leaf. On top of these leaves, put a steel grill to keep the peeling at the bottom and don’t disturb the artichokes.


How to boil: Boil water with a bit of salt and put in the artichokes. Cook them for 10 minutes and then keep them in the boiled water without taking them out.


To prepare the artichoke’s juice: use 2 artichokes, the broth from the artichokes, olive oil and some parsley leaves. Grind everything with a thermomix or similar until you get a dense textured cream.


Put some oil and the fresh young garlics cut into slices in a pan. Cook them until they get golden to then add the clamps and the wine until it reduces. Once this happens and the clamps are opened, take out the clamps to avoid them to get dry. To this reduction, add the artichokes and the artichoke’s juice and give it a quick boil. To finish, put in the clamps in the last minute and serve.

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  • 5 artichokes for one person
  • Olive Oil
  • 150 gr of thin clams
  • 100 cl of Chardonnay white wine
  • Fresh garlic sprouts (2 per serving)
  • Salt

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