Almonds - Saborea España


Almond trees need little water and their roots adapt well to shallow soils. Firstly, It blooms between January and February, creating beautiful landscapes across Marina Alta County. Ripening lasts until the end of August, when is time to harvesting. Almonds are considered a high energy food. They are particularly high in protein and calcium. Moreover, they are a powerful antioxidant and are very low in gluten.


Almonds and raisins were the main wealth sources across Marina Alta in the 19th century, when they were exported on a massive scale to Northern Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom. Along with vineyards, almond trees have been one of the most traditional crops in Dénia and its region Marina Alta. Local varieties are harvested, such as “rumbeta” almond, along with others that adapted to the Mediterranean coast, such as “marcona” or “planet” almonds. They have been widely used in local desserts. For instance, “Cake with almonds” has been the main cake for big and small celebrations in every household.


Almonds are used for cooking in several ways. Not only are they used for traditional desserts, but they are also very usual for elaborating sauces, snacks and fish or meat stews.


They are also toasted or fried and served as a starter. Moreover, almond milk and flour are also produced.