Artichokes with clams in their juice 


Peel the artichokes, leaving a piece of the stalk and put them in water with some parsley.


Cook them with a little water and salt (just enough to cover them) and at the bottom of the pan put the second leaves of the artichokes (the ones that are normally discarded but are inside it) and a leaf of parsley. Place a wire mesh above the leaves so as to place all the peelings and not move the artichokes.


How to cook: Put water to boil with a little salt and add the artichokes, cook for 10 minutes and do not remove them from the water used for cooking.


For the artichoke juice: Use 2 artichokes, the water from cooking the artichokes, extra virgin olive oil and some parsley. Finely mince with a blender or thermomix until you have a thick cream.


Put oil and sliced fresh garlic into a pan. Cook at low temperature and then add the clams and wine and let the mixture reduce. Once this happens and the clams are open, remove the clams to stop them from drying out. Add the artichokes and the artichoke juice to the reduced sauce and let it boil briefly. Then add the clams and serve.

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  • 5 artichokes for one person
  • Olive Oil
  • 150 gr of fine clams
  • 100 cl of wine chardonnay
  • Fresh garlic sprouts (2 per serving)
  • Salt

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