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Lanzarote gives comfort to our body and soul

Besides the extraordinary weather, Lanzarote counts with a unique, sustainable gastronomy, linked to the territory, rich in products and creator of the landscape. The result couldn’t be more gratifying. Lanzarote has the gift of that vigorous Atlantic Ocean that provides fresh and tasty fish and seafood.

From its land grow real gastronomic treasures; as its potatoes and sweet potatoes cultivated in the sand; from its cattle, superb cheeses internationally prize-winners; and from its singular landscape, the wines made out of a unique grape variant in the world, the Volcanic Malvasia.

Moreover, we have to add to all the already mentioned a growing offer of hotels, where the quality of the local gastronomy is part of the fundamental attributes of their tourist offer; with gastronomic proposals that put the focus on sustainability, territory and landscape.

Ingenious cooking: fire and water

Fifteen million years linked to volcanoes and to the Atlantic Ocean have converted the products from this land in tiny pieces of art. Lanzarote is the island of the sand, the ash and the humidity from the trade winds. Its gastronomy was born from deep ecologic knowledge in an extremely unique nature.

In this territory, just 100km away from Africa, the traditional crops of potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and peas get feed from the dew and the haze. They also grow thanks to the treasure that exceptionally falls from the sky and that accumulates in tanks, ditches and antique hydraulic engineer’s systems.

Women, men, land and sea survived here thanks to observation, ingenuity and vigor. Only this way can exist the potatoes from Los Valles, the sweet potatoes from the sand, the special wine from La Geria, the prawns from La Santa, the goat cheese, the salt cooked in puddles of sea and sun, the cherne (Canary fish), the hake from La Graciosa, …

To protect and divulgate this cultural patrimony – and the producers and artisans who sustain it – in 2010 Tasting Lanzarote was born. This is a quality brand supported by the Food and Agriculture Institute from the Government of the Canary Islands.

These local products, grow with sustainable techniques, are the main characters in the biggest gastronomic event in the Canary Islands every year, the Tasting Lanzarote Food and Wine Festival (November, Villa de Teguise), the Cheese and Goat Festival (March, Playa Blanca), the Traditional Cooking Festival of the Lanzarote Wine Run (June, La Geria) and the Tapa Festival (September, Puerto del Carmen).

Tasting Lanzarote has as main goal to promote and position Lanzarote as a wine and food destination. For this mission, we defend the authentic values and attributes of the island, we defend our producers and the quality of their products, we defend the know-how and creativity of our chefs and the dynamism of our tourist sector.

In this context, the brand of Guarantee Tasting Lanzarote has been created as a quality distinction, signed by the first institution of the island and promoted by the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Food and Agriculture Quality Institute, to promote the original and quality products from Lanzarote. This quality brand works as the umbrella that collect the good job of our producers and guarantees the values of the agriculture and agriculture industry of Lanzarote to the consumer.




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